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Our priorities will:

  • build on our work to enshrine in law that certain agencies must identify, assess, and reduce family violence risk and respond to needs effectively
  • build on the foundation of The Orange Door network, which provides a visible access point and response that meets needs, reduces risk, and promotes children’s wellbeing
  • deliver the perpetrator accountability plan and focus effort on the source of the violence to ensure that our system works collaboratively to hold perpetrators accountable
  • support the multi-agency Central Information Point, a system created to support specialist services gain a more accurate view of perpetrators’ risks and pattern of behaviour, from data held across multiple government systems. This information informs the risk and safety planning to support the safety of victim survivors. It also helps agencies disrupt and change patterns of behaviour of serial abusers who for too long have evaded accountability and challenge.
  • ground our work in a thorough understanding of the diversity of people’s experiences, and the impacts of multiple forms of oppression on people’s lives
  • focus on the experiences of people from diverse cultural, linguistic and faith backgrounds, people who are migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, people who are Deaf and who have a disability, people who identify as LGBTIQ, older people, children and young people, people who face poverty and other barriers to support, safety and justice. If we get it right for those who are most marginalised and discriminated against by systems and services, we will get it right for all
  • build a sustainable, diverse, and collaborative organisation, with the capabilities and expertise required to effectively lead and facilitate transformational change across policy, the service system and our community
  • collaborate with specialist partner agencies and ensuring that where reforms focus on preventing and responding to Aboriginal people who experience family violence, that this work be led by Aboriginal communities and services
  • commit to Aboriginal self-determination, anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practice
  • value the expertise of people with lived experience of family violence and sexual violence, and to working in partnership and to advocating and embedding intersectionality to achieve inclusion and equity when delivering our priorities
  • align with the state’s Family Violence Outcomes Framework.

Reviewed 23 November 2021

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