Strategic priority 1

Victim survivors, children and families are safe and supported to recover and thrive.

This priority contributes to whole of government efforts to ensure early intervention prevents escalation and that victim survivors are safe, heard and in control.

To achieve this, we will support victim survivors, children and young people and families to access support where and when it is required, and in ways that meet their individual and diverse needs.

We will support young people who use violence to meet their needs and change their behaviour. We will also implement best practice frameworks across family violence, sexual violence, child and family services statewide, without limiting local responsiveness and accountability.

In partnership with our stakeholders, our work plans will prioritise:

  1. Designing and supporting delivery of new and improved service models and person-centred supports.
  2. Identifying appropriate services for children and young people requiring support and responding to service gaps for children and young people requiring family violence-related support.
  3. Expanding the Adolescent Family Violence Program and other specialist therapeutic programs for victim survivors of family violence statewide.
  4. Ensuring improved responses to multicultural communities (including refugee, migrant and cultural and linguistically diverse communities) in need of family violence and sexual violence support and support to increase children and young people’s wellbeing.
  5. Rolling out The Orange Door network statewide.
  6. Improving refuge services, including via the capital redevelopment program.
  7. Strengthening frontline services for Aboriginal people through Aboriginal-led responses.
  8. Conducting an analysis of the system-level housing requirements at each stage of a victim survivor’s journey, including children and young people, and identifying person-centred solutions.
  9. Improving the experiences of victim survivors who are housed in crisis accommodation, while seeking more appropriate and sustainable options.