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Strategic priority 2

Perpetrators are held accountable, connected and take responsibility for stopping their violence.

This priority contributes to whole of government efforts to ensure perpetrators stop all forms of family violence behaviour and are held accountable.

To achieve this we will enable services and programs to be more effective at engaging perpetrators, holding them accountable and helping them change behaviour.

In partnership with our stakeholders, our work plans will prioritise:

  1. Overseeing and supporting the continuous improvement of established, new and improved interventions and services for perpetrators.
  2. Developing and delivering a system-wide approach to keeping perpetrators accountable, connected and responsible for stopping their violence
  3. Continuing the Central Information Point model to provide information about perpetrators in support of effective risk management
  4. Strengthening perpetrator accountability systems to support victim survivors to safely remain in their own homes, and consider ongoing options to support removing perpetrators from homes.
  5. Reviewing the effectiveness of Risk Assessment and Management Panels’ management of highest risk perpetrators, to connect the growing approaches to perpetrator management across the system.
  6. Applying lessons from the evidence base, to inform improvement and design of interventions for people who use violence. This includes people with multiple and complex needs, Aboriginal communities, people from culturally diverse communities and people who are LGBTIQ.
  7. Promoting learning from the holistic approach taken from working with Aboriginal men who use violence to document whole-of-family practice in working with people who use violence and develop holistic healing practice guidance and training for mainstream service providers, in line with Nargneit Birrang.