Our vision, purpose, values and approach

Our vision

We want a future where all Victorians are safe, thriving, and live free from violence, and children grow up in environments built on gender equality and respectful relationships, in families that promote their health, development and wellbeing.

Our purpose

To achieve our vision, we focus on:

  • facilitating person-centred and inclusive services so people receive the help they need, when they need it
  • keeping perpetrators accountable, connected and responsible for stopping their violence
  • working across government and with the family violence and sexual assault sectors and with family services to build a sustainable and coordinated service system
  • partnering with those who have specialist expertise including lived experience to guide what we do
  • building the evidence base about what works
  • leading the family violence reform agenda to influence policy and strategy across government

Our values

We commit to delivering our work in accordance with the Victorian Public Service and Department of Families Fairness and Housing values and behaviours:

  • responsiveness
  • integrity
  • impartiality
  • accountability
  • respect
  • leadership.

We will work for the protection of human rights and challenge inequalities and discrimination to achieve social change for the benefit of all, because we know family violence is a violation of human rights and is entirely preventable.

The root causes of family violence and sexual violence are:

  • gender inequality and discrimination, shaped by economic, political and social factors, systems and norms, policy and legal frameworks
  • historical factors (e.g. cultural practices, colonisation)
  • structural distinctions on the basis of sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age, class, income and other characteristics.

The following values have also been identified by our people as underpinning our approach to this work:

We are honest and transparent

We share information whenever we can and show consistency between our words and our actions.

We focus on our impact

We are purposeful, courageous and determined to achieve meaningful outcomes for our clients, stakeholders and the community. Our people are valued not just for the work that they do, but the way that they do it.

We are inclusive and work for social equity

We take responsibility for valuing and including everyone equally and for ensuring fairness and cultural safety wherever we do our work.

Our People and Culture Strategy sets out our goal of ensuring our people are valued, empowered, connected, inspired, and growing.

Health and wellbeing, and psychological and cultural safety, are as valued as productivity, and we strive to create an inclusive workplace culture, free from any type of discrimination. We encourage our people to have a strong voice, with opportunities to demonstrate leadership at any level, to have visibility and access to information and be involved or informed about decisions that directly affect them and their work.

We want our people to collaborate and feel connected, to each other and to our vision. We aspire to be a learning organisation, in which our people inspire each other and our partners, and are supported to develop the capabilities they need to excel.

Our approach

The principles of intersectionality, Aboriginal self-determination, lived experience and service system partnership are embedded throughout our work and inform our approach to all our strategic priorities.