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Appendix 1

Overview of reporting requirements.

Report Frequency and timing Responsibility for reporting Format of report

Report to FVRIC members on:

  • progress against Action Plan
  • emerging issues and opportunities
  • activities of the SFVIAC including statewide engagement
At least quarterly (noting FVRICs have different decision-making process and meeting schedules) PSA working in collaboration with FVRIC chair  Verbal or other report as agreed within FVRIC, and noted in the FVRIC minutes

Annual activity report to DFFH Area on progress against Annual Action Plan

End of year report by 30 July

PSA and FVRIC chair (Written report endorsed by auspice agency rep before delivery to DFFH Area)

Reporting template 1 

Annual financial acquittal for DFFH Area:

  • Report against projected budget
  • Include any requests to carry over core funding
  • Report on full year delivery of MARAM Collaborative Practice training
  • Include any requests to carry over targets and funding

Statement of expenditure for FSV and any DFFH area funding – by 30 July  

Audited agency financial reports are due by 30 September

Auspice agency with endorsement of chair and PSA

Reporting template 2

Quarterly report on delivery of MARAM Collaborative Practice training Provided to FSV and DFFH Area within two weeks of the end of each quarter.


Local decision on whether auspice agency endorsement is required
Template provided by FSV

Annual overview of highlight achievements across all FVRICs

Provided to FSV by 30 November SFVIAC Showing highlights relevant to each of the five FVRIC strategic priorities