Appendix 3

Statement of responsibilities for the SFVIAC.

The key functions of the SFVIAC are to:

  • Support regular information exchange and knowledge building across FVRICs:
    • identify and analyse differences and similarities between regions to better inform family violence reform delivery, including identifying opportunities for innovation
    • deliberate and establish a consolidated position on systemic issues in relation to family violence reform and service delivery across Victoria
    • identify opportunities for more consistent planning and reporting across FVRICs to inform understanding of systemic issues, including data development activities
    • collaborate on state-wide initiatives in shared FVRIC priority areas
    • provide peer support and learning opportunities to build knowledge and skills relevant to regional integration activities
  • Provide the linkage mechanism to connect FVRICs with FSV and other state government and statewide sector bodies:
    • engage with FSV, peak bodies and other statewide forums to ensure the perspectives of FVRICs are represented in statewide policy discussions
    • provide representation of FVRICs on the Family Violence Reform Advisory Group and other family violence reform governance groups as requested
    • provide advice on the design and implementation of family violence reforms, informed by the local knowledge of implementation opportunities and challenges.
    • provide advice and advocacy on system issues impacting on the implementation of the family violence reforms
    • promote the unique value of FVRICs in supporting the cross-sector collaboration and local service system development to support the implementation of the family violence reforms
    • build awareness of the current work and further potential of FVRICs.
    • develop an annual regional integration highlights overview including commentary on key systems issues across the state for FSV.

SFVIAC secretariat

The secretariat supports the SFVIAC by providing administrative and co-ordinating functions. Responsibilities of the SFVIAC secretariat include:

  • administration and coordination to support the SFVIAC meetings including calendar invitations, preparing agendas for SFVIAC meetings, circulating agenda papers, liaising with peak body members, organising guest speakers, and taking minutes at meetings
  • collation of relevant information from FVRICs to inform SFVIAC discussions regarding policy and implementation issues with statewide sector bodies and government, and for proposing strategies for advocating on emerging issues.
  • coordination of responses to requests for statewide information relevant to FVRICs
  • coordination the preparation and submission of the Annual Regional Integration Highlights Overview for FSV
  • liaison with FSV regarding the agenda for meetings between the SFVIAC and FSV, and co-ordinate input and feedback from PSAs
  • coordination the response to requests for PSA representation on statewide panels, advisory/steering committees and/or reform working groups in consultation with the members of the SFVIAC.