Governance arrangements for FVRICs

This section describes the governance mechanisms which enable FVRICs to provide strategic leadership and drive system integration and development. These include:

  • effective cross sector engagement and co-ordinating arrangements to ensure the required level of knowledge and influence within the local service system
  • key governance mechanisms providing connections between regional and statewide work to ensure strong alignment between local work and statewide policy priorities and input by FVRICs into statewide policy discussions.

Governance arrangements to support integration across the local area (horizontal integration)

A key success factor for FVRICs is the active participation by members in planning and implementing initiatives. Governance arrangements for FVRICs need to be representative, inclusive, and actively support transparent and participatory decision-making.

Although there may be some variation across areas in the way FVRICs operate, the following guidance is provided to achieve a level of statewide consistency and effectiveness.

Governance arrangements to connect with statewide policy and program development (vertical integration)

While the key focus of FVRICs is to drive system improvements at the local level, mechanisms are required to ensure that the detailed knowledge and insights emerging from this work inform statewide planning and policy development processes.