Oversight and reporting requirements

This section describes the roles of DFFH Areas and FSV in providing oversight of FVRICs and the requirements for formal reporting and financial acquittal.

FSV and DFFH Areas work together to support FVRICs and to oversee performance and outcomes. A level of informal monitoring occurs through the DFFH Area’s participation as a member of the FVRIC, and through the SFVIAC’s routine engagement with FSV.

Reporting ensures accountability and enables both DFFH and FSV to identify synergies and FVRIC contributions to area priorities and statewide policy objectives.

Role of the DFFH Area in performance monitoring and contract management

The DFFH Area has primary responsibility for contract management and performance monitoring and fulfils this by:

  • engaging in discussions with the FVRIC chair, PSA and auspice agency representative regarding the FVRIC Strategic Plan and progress in relation to Action Plans
  • assessing annual reports against the FVRIC Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan
  • assessing financial acquittals and liaising with FSV regarding any funding related issues
  • engaging with the chair of the FVRIC, PSA and auspice agency representative to discuss any concerns regarding FVRIC activities or overall performance. While the auspice agency is responsible for ensuring that reporting requirements are met, any discussions concerning the performance of the FVRIC should involve the auspice agency, the chair and the PSA.
  • assessing performance and acquittal for other projects or initiatives led by the FVRIC.
  • providing advice to FSV on the overall performance of the FVRIC and any significant changes to the Strategic Plan.

FVRICs are required to provide the following information to the local DFFH Area with the Annual Report:

  • contact details for the Auspice agency representative, the chair (and deputy chair where relevant), and PSA
  • membership list
  • current Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan
  • information on key emerging risks and issues related to the FVRIC
  • other relevant information, as requested by DFFH

Role of FSV in statewide oversight of FVRICs

FSV manages the funding, policy and authorising context for the work of FVRICs, and FVRICs are accountable to FSV for ensuring their activities align with statewide family violence reform objectives.

FSV also provides advice to the DFFH Area on issues and requirements relevant to FVRICs.

FSV provides statewide oversight by:

  • maintaining regular engagement through the SFVIAC, as described in the Governance arrangements to connect with state wide policy and program development (vertical integration) section.
  • keeping the SFVIAC informed about the status of key relevant initiatives managed by FSV.
  • monitoring of and support with key plans and reporting, including Strategic Plans, and Annual Action Plans.
  • receiving the annual overview of key achievements submitted by the SFVIAC
  • liaising with DFFH Areas regarding:
    • statewide priorities and reform objectives to support DFFH Areas to assess FVRIC Strategic Plans
    • emerging issues or risks relevant to the effective functioning of FVRICs
    • any concerns regarding performance of FVRICs

Reporting requirements for FVRICs

FVRICs are accountable to the DFFH Areas for performance against their Annual Action Plan and for the acquittal of funding provided by FSV or the DFFH Area. All funding must be utilised in accordance with guidance provided by FSV or the DFFH Area where funding has been provided by the DFFH Area.

The FVRIC is required to participate in any discussions initiated by the DFFH Area regarding FVRIC activities and performance, and to provide the following to the DFFH Area:

  • Annual reports against the Annual Action Plan
  • Annual financial report based showing the projected budget and actual expenditure for the 12-month period.

In addition to annual performance reporting FVRICs are required to report on any non-recurrent funding provided for any specific projects or initiatives.

FVRICs are also required to advise the DFFH Area on any emerging risks and issues related to the FVRIC, and any other relevant information as requested by DFFH.

An Overview of Reporting Requirements is provided at Appendix 1.