Progress of Action 3.8

Action 3.8: CFA, in collaboration with FRV, to develop protocols to ensure all FRV seconded training staff satisfy CFA’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) obligations and requirements.

Action objective: CFA’s RTO obligations and requirements are satisfied by FRV training staff secondment protocols.

Lead agency: CFA

Year Two to Five Plan (November 2021) completion dateYear Two to Five Plan (updated May 2023) completion dateAgency reported status as at 30 June 2023
June 2022August 2023In progress – on track


This action requires CFA and FRV to develop protocols to ensure FRV seconded training staff meet CFA’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) requirements.

In 2022, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) completed a re-registration audit and granted CFA’s RTO full Vocational Education and Training re-registration, with no conditions, until 28 February 2028. The audit confirmed that FRV seconded training staff have the qualifications to deliver CFA courses and that the Secondment Agreement currently in place between CFA and FRV complies with VRQA’s requirements for third-party arrangements.

Key action deliverables include:

  • FRV and CFA to establish a working group to document requirements and respective RTO obligations.
  • CFA’s responsibilities for ongoing development to ensure seconded trainers continue to meet currency and proficient requirements are clearly defined.

Progress summary

FSIM received evidence that CFA is a training organisation registered by the VRQA.

In FY 2022-23, the Minister approved CFA’s change request to extend the due date for this action to August 2023 to enable CFA and FRV to discuss whether there is a need for separate protocols.

CFA and FRV collaborated through the FSOC Training Sub-Committee to develop protocols and raise matters that impact seconded staff. FRV also consulted with the Consultative Committee’s Training Sub-Committee on matters impacting FRV staff. This project reports to the CFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the CFA-led RTO Governance Committee that oversees CFA’s quality control and ensures alignment to RTO requirements.

CFA has implemented processes to ensure FRV seconded staff satisfy CFA’s RTO obligations, including an authorisation tool to ensure trainers are appropriately authorised. It delivers a monthly training service for seconded instructors, trainers, and assessors. FSIM observed that CFA and FRV continued to work through processes to ensure compliance with CFA’s Working with Children’s Check (WWCC) requirements, outlined in actions 4.5 and 5.1 and notes that individuals who do not have a valid WWCC cannot deliver specified training on behalf of CFA.

CFA is also investigating options to implement an appropriate system to enable all trainers to access training materials and oversee relevant training records.


FSIM finds action 3.8 is progressing.