Progress of Action 2.1

Action 2.1: Commence Phase Two of the operational communications rollout, including upgrades to station turn out equipment in FRV stations.

Action objective: Upgrades to FRV operational communications support system enhancements and standardise equipment.

Lead agency: FRV

Year Two to Five Plan (November 2021) completion dateYear Two to Five Plan (updated May 2023) completion dateAgency reported status as at 30 June 2023
June 2023June 2023Completed


This action requires FRV to undertake a series of upgrades to harmonise operational communications across all FRV stations, including the 37 former CFA integrated stations transferred to FRV.[15] The action comprises four streams of work:

  • the installation of station turnout and related equipment
  • station fit-out and joinery to support upgrades
  • upgrades to software
  • the execution of contracts for communication links for co-located stations.

This action is phase two of FRV’s broader Communications Program. FRV advised that incomplete Phase Two activities will be rolled over to Phase Three of the Communications Program.

Progress summary

As at 30 June 2023, FRV reported this action as completed but had not submitted the acquittal form. At the end of the reporting period, FRV had ensured network connectivity and completed the STO system rollout to co-located stations, amended ICT applications to accommodate additional stations, and rolled out multi-function devices and STO colour printers to all FRV stations. In addition, FRV had commenced work to upgrade station IT equipment, undertake STO enhancements, roll out optical fibre/wavelength to all stations, and design, build and test new WIFI solutions for fire stations and public events. FRV will roll the completion of these programs of work into phase three of the Communications Program. FRV established a Turnout Systems Working Party to implement the action, and a Project Control Group (with FRV Executive Leadership Team (ELT) membership) oversees the project. FRV advises that the cyber-attack in December 2022 delayed the delivery of this action. FRV was required to switch off the STO equipment that it had installed to respond to the attack. At the end of the reporting period, STO system had not yet been restored. However, once systems are back online, the project team plans to return to stations to test equipment and ensure the upgrades work as intended.


FSIM finds action 2.1 is partially implemented. FSIM notes core deliverables for the action, including software application enhancements and rollout of STO to regional stations have been implemented as at 30 June 2023, while the optical fibre communications links are to be rolled-out to stations over two years. FSIM has not yet completed an effectiveness assessment of this action against its objective.


[15] 37 stations were transferred with one station (Lara) tenanted by FRV but owned by CFA.