Progress of Action 5.6

Action 5.6: Develop an initial funding plan that addresses high priority funding requirements for CFA and FRV in years three and four of the Fire Services Reform and addresses the impact of: (a) transfers of functions, resources and assets between CFA and FRV; (b) the change to the FRV fire district upon the fire services property levy revenue base after the commencing day; and (c) any changes to the differential rates of the fire services property levy after the commencing day.

Action objective: CFA and FRV have funding plans for years three and four that are evidence-based and based upon an independent review.

Lead agency: DJCS with CFA and FRV

Year Two to Five Plan (November 2021) completion dateYear Two to Five Plan (updated May 2023) completion dateAgency reported status as at 30 June 2023
December 2021December 2021Completed


Action 5.6 is closed.