Appendix A: Glossary

ACFOAssistant Chief Fire Officer
BABreathing apparatus
BAUBusiness as usual
Building ActBuilding Act 1993
CAoVCountry Area of Victoria
CEOChief Executive Officer
CFACountry Fire Authority
CO, CFACFA Chief Officer
Co-located stationsFor the purposes of this report, co-located stations refer to those stations which were formerly CFA integrated stations
CSBACommunity Safety Building Authority
D&I StrategyCFA Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2025
DEI StrategyFRV Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy FY 2023 - 2032
Division AFormer MFB staff managed under Part A of the Fire Rescue Victoria Operational Employees Interim Enterprise Agreement 2020
Division BFormer CFA staff covered under Part B of the Fire Rescue Victoria Operational Employees Interim Enterprise Agreement 2020
DJCSDepartment of Justice and Community Safety
EAEnterprise Agreement
FRB Firefighters Registration Board
FRVFire Rescue Victoria
FRV ActFire Rescue Victoria Act 1958
ELTFRV Executive Leadership Team
FRV Corporate EAFire Rescue Victoria Corporate and Technical Employees Agreement
FRV Operational EAFire Rescue Victoria Operational Employees Interim Enterprise Agreement 2020
FRV StrategyFRV Strategic Plan 2022-2032
FRV Workforce PlanFRV Strategic Workforce Plan (Operations) 2022-2027
FSIMFire Services Implementation Monitor
FSIM’s Annual Report 2020/21Fire Services Implementation Monitor Annual Report 2020/21: Setting the foundations
FSIM’s Annual Report 2021/22 Fire Services Implementation Monitor Annual Report 2021/22
FSOCFire Services Operational Committee
FWCFair Work Commission
FYFinancial year
GEAPGender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025
GFFGeneral Fire Fighters course
HAZMATHazardous materials
HoACFA/FRV Heads of Agency Steering Committee
ICTInformation and communications technology
ITInformation technology
IPsInteroperability procedures
JSOPsJoint Standard Operating Procedures
MFBMetropolitan Fire Brigade
MinisterMinister for Emergency Services
MOUMemorandum of understanding
NetworkFRV’s Women’s Support Coordinator Network
OOSAOverarching Operational Services Agreement
P350 program350 Firefighter Program – Capital Sub-Program
PADPractical Areas for Drills
PPCPersonal protective clothing
PTAProfessional, technical and administrative
RegulationsFire Rescue Victoria (Firefighters Registration Board) Regulations 2022
RRAPReflect Reconciliation Action Plan
RTORegistered Training Organisation
SECFie Services Strategic Executive Committee
SLDAService Level Deed of Agreement
SOStation Officer
SSOSenior Station Officer
STOStation Turn Out
Structural PPCStructural Personal Protective Clothing
SWHSafe Working at Heights
Tenancy AgreementThe Lease and Licensing Agreement for the 34 co-located stations[80]
ToRTerms of Reference
UFUUnited Firefighters Union of Australia – Victoria Branch

Vacancy and relief

The Secondment Agreement relates to various categories of staff seconded to CFA. For the purposes of this report, the terms ‘vacancy’ and ‘relief’ relate specifically to only Commander and ACFO positions seconded to CFA from FRV as defined under the Secondment Agreement.

‘Vacancy’ refers to the situation where a substantive Commander or ACFO position (as defined under the Secondment Agreement) does not have an FRV seconded staff member formally appointed to that role.

‘Relief’ refers to the situation where a Commander or ACFO seconded to CFA is absent from their substantive position (for example, on extended leave) and FRV is required to provide a suitably qualified employee to backfill the position.

VFBVVolunteer Fire Brigades Victoria
VPCFRBVictorian Professional Career Firefighters Registration Board Ltd
VSPVolunteer Support Package
VTAVolunteer Trainer and Assessors
Wildfire PPCWildfire Personal Protective Clothing
WWCCWorking with Children Check
Year Two to Five Plan Minister for Emergency Services’ Year Two to Five Fire Services Reform Implementation Plan, updated in May 2023


[80] There are 33 CFA brigades at sites that are now operated by FRV and one co-located site (Lara) where CFA retains the asset and FRV is the tenant.