Guidance for child safety champions

Schools can nominate a senior staff member as a child safety champion to support child safety.

Schools can nominate a senior staff member as a child safety champion to support child safety. In large or multi-campus schools, more than one child safety champion can be nominated.

Child safety champions must have the status and authority to work with and influence others.

The role:

  • requires knowledge and professional judgement on child safety and wellbeing
  • needs support through ongoing training and mentoring
  • maybe a suitable development opportunity for aspiring school leaders.

Key responsibilities

Child safety champions work with the school leadership team, teachers, students, volunteers and the school community to create a child safe environment in the school.

Promote child safety culture

  • Promote child safety and wellbeing. For example, at staff and parent meetings, through newsletters and staff bulletins.
  • Ensure the school’s child safety policies and procedures:
    • are current and fit for purpose
    • are publicly accessible
    • are known and implemented.
  • Promote a culture of listening to students and families and acting on their child safety concerns.
  • Support staff and volunteers to focus on the child safety needs of vulnerable students.

Provide support and guidance

  • Be a point of contact for child safety concerns for staff, volunteers and students.
  • Provide guidance to students, staff and volunteers on child safety policies and procedures.
  • Work with school leadership to respond to child safety incidents.
  • Maintain current skills and knowledge to support child safety and wellbeing, including:
    • child-focused complaint processes, reporting obligations and the Four Critical Actions (PDF-215KB)
    • student rights, participation and empowerment
    • Aboriginal cultural safety and inclusive practices to meet students diverse needs
    • child safety risk management including online safety
    • child safety information sharing and record-keeping obligations
    • working with relevant agencies to refer students and families to appropriate support
    • keeping across emerging research and best practice guidance in child safety and wellbeing.

Train and educate

  • Provide child safety induction programs for new school staff, volunteers and school council members.
  • Provide child safety training for school staff, volunteers and school council members.
  • Ensure mandatory reporters complete the annual mandatory reporting training.
  • Provide child safety updates and information to staff and volunteers, as needed.

Monitor, review and report

  • Record child safety complaints and concerns, and analyse trends as needed.
  • Coordinate reviews following significant safety incidents and recommend improvements.
  • Maintain the school's child safety risk register with the school leadership team.
  • Coordinate child safety policy and practice reviews in consultation with the school community.
  • Maintain detailed, accurate, secure written records of concerns and referrals.