Victoria’s Housing Statement

The decade ahead | 2024-2034

We’ll build a better Victoria, together. Because Victorians deserve nothing less.

Right across Australia, finding an affordable home is becoming harder than ever before. That’s why this Housing Statement puts forward an ambitious plan to tackle the root of the problem: housing supply.

We’re setting a bold target to build 800,000 homes in Victoria over the next decade.

It’s a simple proposition: build more homes, and they’ll be more affordable. But the Government can’t fix the problem alone. We’ll do it in an Affordability Partnership with industry.

We’ll foster the conditions needed to stimulate investment and build high-quality homes, quickly, in the places where Victorians want to live – and the industry will build more social and affordable housing for those who need it most.

We can do all of this and more, because we’ve invested in the skills and training to get the job done – as well as the schools, hospitals and transport that a growing population needs.

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