Actions from the Information Technology Strategy: 2019-20 Action Plan.

Actions Due
1. Information and data reform Develop and launch version 2 of the Data Reform Strategy for the Victorian Public Service. November 2019
2. Information and data reform Develop a consistent model to enshrine ethical data science for Victorian Government. November 2019
3. Information and data reform Develop a Compliance by Design guideline to provide support incorporating information compliance and governance into the design of new processes and systems for the Victorian Government. February 2020
4. Information and data reform Review and make recommendations to improve how data is collected, managed and used as part of legislative and regulatory performance reporting. December 2019
5. Digital opportunity Extend the Family Safety Strategic Architecture to represent personas with intersectional characteristics and update the Strategic Roadmap. June 2020
6. Digital opportunity Develop an operating model to increase use of Single Digital Presence (SDP) across the Victorian Public Service and progress work to develop voice interface technology requirements. June 2020
7. Digital opportunity Develop additional Victorian Government digital standards and online tools that will support the creation of best-practice and user-friendly digital services. June 2020
8. Digital opportunity Improve the oversight and standards within Application stores and code repositories to enable a unified Victorian Government Application presence. February 2020
9. Digital opportunity Prototype solutions in targeted areas of digital disruption and digital opportunity to identify innovative ways to solve government problems. June 2020
10. Technology reform Develop a research paper to guide the adoption of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) across the Victorian Government. June 2020
11. Technology reform Identify and recommend a Workforce Identity and Access Management solution. March 2020
12. Technology reform Identify a candidate for a WOVG enterprise solution and develop a Statement of Direction. December 2019
13. Capability uplift Commence year two of the ICT Capability Uplift Plan and continue implementation of the top six priorities. June 2020
14. Capability uplift Establish a mechanism to allow departments to share experiences and learnings to improve the overall expertise, increase the efficiency and reduce risks associated with transitioning to new common platforms. June 2020
15. Capability uplift Investigate opportunities for a WOVG initiative to upskilleExecutives in digital literacy, leadership and innovation. June 2020

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