Message from the Special Minister of State

This government is working to build for the future and make the lives of Victorians easier. In 2016, I launched the Victorian Government Information Technology Strategy 2016-2020 (IT Strategy) that set out the enabling IT components to make that happen.

Back then we embarked on a journey that recognised the value of data and information sharing, and the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. We focused on public sector reform, and identified the capability uplift necessary for government to operate effectively in the twenty-first century. We also endeavoured to put the community at the centre of everything we do, to deliver services that are targeted, easy to access, and that simplify the lives of Victorians.

This approach put in place strong foundations including:

  • implementation of core digital infrastructure such as the whole-of-government Application Programming Interface gateway, Engage Victoria and Single Digital Presence
  • the establishment of a cyber security unit, and a robust cyber security framework and strategy
  • investment in government staff capability and modernising ways of working across the Victorian Public Service
  • delivery of key digital agencies, including Service Victoria and the Victorian Centre for Data Insights

In this final action plan of the IT Strategy, we will continue to build upon these foundations and focus on changing the ways in which the Victorian Government works to deliver better services to citizens. Through continuing to upskill employees and further enhancing technologies, we will enable greater collaboration and information sharing across government, with businesses and with the Victorian public.

Engagement with our community remains a critical focus for this year’s action plan. We will continue to enhance our digital presence through focusing on the continuous improvement of user-friendly digital services and seek innovative ways to resolve issues.

Our IT transformation journey does not end here. As the rate of change in technology increases, the expectations on government rise. We recognise the importance of continuing to build government capability for the modern age that supports the design and delivery of good policy, good services and good outcomes for Victorians.

As we finalise the actions for the IT Strategy, we begin to consider how we will maintain our commitment to a more strategic, open and transparent government, and evolve this in the development and establishment of the next Victorian Government 2020+ Digital Strategy.

Gavin Jennings
Special Minister of State