We are committed to a more connected and customer-focused Government for Victorians

The last four years have been an important and successful part of the Victorian Government’s digital transformation journey. During this time, we have made significant changes to the ways we work and how we engage citizens to meet the increasing demand for a more efficient VPS and more accessible government services.

To continue this journey, the focus for the Victorian Government Digital Strategy 2020+ will be to understand how we use technology to contribute to a high performing public service and improve the overall service experience of Victorians. Our goals will include:

  • ensure a high-performing public service by digitally enabling the workforce
  • support Victorian citizens’ experience through ‘life events’ by a delivering a seamless digital experience
  • become more data-driven to improve the way government works, innovates and delivers services
  • create sustainable public value through ongoing digital transformation

To achieve these goals, we will focus on the needs of citizens to better understand the technology changes required to deliver seamless and customised government services of the future. We will listen to Victorians and engage with the community in co-designing government’s digital solutions. We will also look to other jurisdictions, locally and globally, to learn how learn how sustainable public value is best achieved.

Through our future direction we will examine effective ways to build suitable operating and delivery models to support our ongoing digital transformation, allowing us to successfully enhance the use of common platforms. We will develop measurable metrics and robust monitoring tools, which will inform our strategic whole-of-government digital investment decisions.

Reviewed 13 December 2019

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