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Measuring our progress

Priority 9 of Victoria’s workforce plan for the NDIS.

Robust evaluation will help measure progress and keep the Victorian Government on track.

The Victorian Government is committed to robust evaluation and ongoing engagement with the disability sector to stay accountable to the objectives that this plan sets out.

The Victorian Government will work closely with the NDIS Implementation Taskforce to identify measures of success, and monitor the progress of the plan throughout transition to the NDIS.

As the NDIS reshapes the disability sector it is likely that new priorities will emerge. The Victorian Government and the disability sector need to stay responsive to the changing environment and workforce needs.

The evaluation of the NDIS Workforce and Skills Plan will provide the information needed to identify what is working, what needs to change, and areas for further work.

Lessons learned through the evaluation will provide an evidence base for future policy, both for the NDIS and the wider social services system.


Understand the impact of Victoria's workforce plan for the NDIS and enable timely and flexible responses to emerging challenges.


  • Develop and evaluation plan.
  • Undertake ongoing evaluation throughout implementation of the initiatives in Victoria's workforce plan for the NDIS.