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Keeping our sector strong: Victoria’s workforce plan for the NDIS is Victoria’s plan to build the disability workforce of the future: a workforce that is skilled, diverse and dynamic, delivering high-quality, innovative support to achieve the best possible outcomes for people with disability.

As part of the plan, $26 million will be invested in workforce development, training and skills initiatives.

The plan is informed by the Victorian Government’s NDIS Implementation Taskforce and the Victorian Skills Commissioner’s NDIS Skills Forum.

These groups are the government’s key NDIS advisory bodies. They include people with disability and their advocates, as well as organisations representing the views of carers, the workforce and service providers.

Our objectives

Victoria's workforce plan for the NDIS has four objectives that will guide our actions for the next 3 years.


Build intelligence on workforce trends to inform workforce planning and provide an evidence base for the future.


Build workforce capability through quality education and training opportunities aimed at developing a high-performing workforce with the knowledge and skills required to thrive under the NDIS.


Improve workforce supply by increasing the disability sector's capacity to attract and retain workers with the right skills and values to meet the growing demand for high-quality, individualised support across the breadth of participant needs.


Maximise opportunities for innovation in practice, service delivery and workforce models to drive improved outcomes for people with disability.

Our priorities

To achieve our objectives, the Victorian Government, with assistance from the Commonwealth Government, is investing $26 million* in workforce development. [*includes $4.88 million provided by the Commonwealth Government's NDIS Sector Development Fund.]

The funding will assist with the following priorities:

  1. Work with the disability sector to build a comprehensive picture of the Victorian disability workforce, training and skill needs, and how the NDIS will affect the workforce over time.

  2. Resource Victoria's communities to develop place-based responses to local workforce challenges and opportunities.

  3. Support the current workforce to transition and thrive in the NDIS context with access to relevant training opportunities, information and resources they need to understand what the NDIS means for them.

  4. Undertake a range of projects to ensure quality in the content and delivery of accredited training, and better student outcomes in disability-related courses.

  5. Funding for the new Future Social Service Institute to drive world-leading education, training and research for the disability and broader social services sector.

  6. Work with the disability sector and across service systems to promote best practice support for participants with high and complex needs and behaviours of concern.

  7. Build capacity and capability in the Victorian allied health workforce to meet growing demand for allied health services for people with disability.

  8. Deliver targeted strategies to attract and retain people from a range of backgrounds to careers in the disability sector.

  9. Measure and monitor the impact and effectiveness of the plan to meet our objectives.

Reviewed 02 June 2021

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