Make a freedom of information request

Under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), you have a right to request access to documents held by Victorian public sector agencies.

The FOI Act applies to:

  • government departments
  • Ministers; local councils
  • public hospitals
  • public schools
  • universities and TAFES
  • statutory authorities, which includes the Wage Inspectorate.

This right of access is subject to limited exceptions and exemptions.

Freedom of information request form

Use the Freedom of Information Request Form to make a request.

When you have completed the form, submit it to the Wage Inspectorate via its online portal, via email to or by sending it to the attention of the Freedom of Information Officer, Wage Inspectorate Victoria, GPO Box 4912, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.

Before making a request

Before requesting access to documents, consider:

Is the information you want in a document?

The FOI Act gives you the right to request access to documents. Generally, you cannot request information that does not exist in an existing document or answers to questions under the FOI Act.

Which agency has the document you want

Contact us to confirm we have the document before making your request.

We may be able to tell you how to get the document without a formal request, or let you know if another agency has the document.

Is the document publicly available?

For example, is it available on our website.

Why do you want access to the document or information?

Consider telling us why you want access to the document or information, or if you plan to use the document or information for a specific purpose. This may help us consider whether it can release the document without a formal request.

Wage Inspectorate’s FOI Part II Statements

In accordance with Part II of the FOI Act, we have prepared an Information Statement that covers:

  • organisation and functions
  • categories of documents
  • freedom of information (FOI) arrangements
  • publications
  • rules, policies and procedures
  • report literature.

This statement provides an overview of our functions, a snapshot of the types of information and documents we hold, instructions on accessing information and locating publicly available documents, and how to make a request under the FOI Act.

We make as much information publicly available on our website as possible, reducing the need for people to request documents under the FOI Act.

Making a request

A valid request

Under the FOI Act:

  1. your request must be in writing
  2. you must provide sufficient information about the documents you are requesting so we can locate relevant documents
  3. you must pay the application fee or request the agency waive the fee due to hardship.

Making a request in writing

You can submit a written request by email or post.

You can also make the request and send it via email to or by sending it to the attention of the Freedom of Information Officer, Wage Inspectorate Victoria, GPO Box 4912, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.

If you are requesting your personal information or personal records, you should provide proof of your identity, such as a copy of your driver’s licence or other identification. We may also contact you to verify your identity before releasing any personal information.

Making sure your request is clear

Be clear and specific about the documents you are requesting access to. Your request needs to provide enough information for us to identify and locate all relevant documents.

When writing your request, be specific about what documents you are seeking and include as much information as possible. Consider:

  • what the documents relate to, for example, a complaint or a particular project
  • the date range in which the documents may have been created
  • where the documents might be located, for example, in someone’s email account or a specific business unit
  • the type of document you want, for example an email, report or CCTV footage.

Being specific in your request and excluding documents or information may allow us to process your request more quickly. For example, you could specify that you don’t want draft documents or commercial or personal information relating to other people.

If your request is not clear enough, we will contact you and take reasonable steps to help you clarify which documents you want to access.

Paying the application fee

The current application fee is $29.60.[1]  The application fee increases each year on 1 July.[2] You can pay the application fee by bank cheque / money order / bank transfer / credit card.

We can waive or reduce the application fee if it will cause you financial hardship. If you request the application fee to be waived or reduced, you should provide evidence of hardship, for example, a concession or health care card, a bank statement or statutory declaration outlining why payment would cause you hardship.

After a request has been made

If the request is not valid

If your request is not valid, we will let you know within 21 days and explain why. We will also provide advice on how you can make a valid request.

If we advise you that your request is not valid, we must give you at least 21 days to make a valid request. If you do not begin consulting with us about how to make your request valid or you have not made a valid request after 21 days, we are not required to begin processing your request and may decide to finalise it.

If the request is valid

When we receive a valid request, we will send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your request.

We have 30 days from the date you make a valid request to provide you with a decision. However, this time can be extended by up to 15 days if we need to consult with third parties whose information may be contained in the requested documents. We may also extend this time by up to 30 days with your agreement. We will notify you if and why the time has been extended and the number of days by which we are extending the due date.

If you do not receive a decision within the time required, contact us and ask for an update. There can be a number of reasons why the request has been delayed and our Freedom of Information team can discuss these with you.

Contact us

For further information about this policy or how we handle requests for information, please contact us on 1800 287 287 and ask to be directed to the Freedom of Information Officer or via email at or by mail to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Wage Inspectorate Victoria
GPO Box 2392, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.

For further information about Victoria’s freedom of information laws, see the Victorian Government’s Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner website.

[1] Under s 17(2A) of the FOI Act, the fee is 2 fee units. For the financial year 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 the value of a fee unit is $14.81.

[2] The fee units increases each financial year in line with usual fee indexation to reflect inflation. See Department of Treasury and Finance, Indexation of Fees and Penalties.

Reviewed 02 July 2021

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