Child employment permits

Victoria's laws protect children from work that could harm their health or wellbeing.

If you are under the age of 15 and wish to work, or if you want to employ someone under 15, you will need to consider that:

  • 'employment' includes a broad range of working arrangements, whether paid or unpaid
  • the employer will need to apply for a permit, which must be issued before employment begins
  • employing a child without a permit is a criminal offence and may attract a penalty
  • workers under 15 must be supervised by someone who holds a current, valid Victorian Working with Children Check (employee version), unless they are exempt

For more information about employing children under 15 and how to apply for a child employment permit, please visit Business Victoria.

The entertainment industry

There is no minimum age for children working in the entertainment industry.

A Mandatory Code of Practice applies for employers working with children in entertainment. You'll need to apply for an entertainment industry permit.

Other industries

A person must be at least 11 to do delivery work. The employer will need to apply for an 'industries other than entertainment' permit.

A person must be at least 13 to do other types of work, such as in retail or hospitality. The employer will need to apply for an 'industries other than entertainment' permit.

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Wage Inspectorate Victoria is available during business hours, Monday to Friday, to provide advice and support to employees and employers regarding child employment.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the employment of children under the age of 15 can contact the Inspectorate's helpline on:

Make an anonymous report

If you suspect someone is breaking the rules about child employment, you can report it using our anonymous online report form. We will not ask you for personal information such as your name or contact details. We will not contact you about the information you have given us or ask you to be involved in our investigations.

Reviewed 06 April 2021

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