Five-year legislative review (FVISS & CIP)

Find the latest news and information about the 5-year legislative review for Quarter 1 2022-23.

What is the 5-year legislative review?

The 5-year legislative review is being conducted by the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor (FVRIM) as an independent review of the legal provisions of:

  • Part 5A (the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS)
  • the Central Information Point (CIP)
  • Part 11 (MARAM) of the of the Family Violence Protection Act.

The review will determine if the provisions are being applied as intended and are effective or otherwise in meeting their objectives.

What has been achieved so far?

The FVRIM has sought the views of organisations, individual practitioners, advocates and others who may be impacted by the provisions, in written submissions and via consultations.

What is planned next?

The FVRIM will deliver a Final review report in mid-April 2023, which will be tabled in Parliament in August 2023.

Independent legislative review of family violence reforms | Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor (

The FVRIM has indicated the following timeline for the Review:

  1. Consultation: June to November 2022
  2. Call for submissions: June to August 2022
  3. Draft report for review: February 2023
  4. Final Report to Minister: May 2023
  5. Review tabled in Parliament: August 2023