MARAM non-accredited training

Find the latest news and information about MARAM non-accredited training for Quarter 1 2022-23.

Adults using family violence training

What training is being developed?

There will be 3 Adults Using Family Violence (AUFV) training packages developed to support prescribed MARAM workforces and their practitioners. The training packages will cover Identification, Intermediate and Comprehensive responsibilities.

What has been achieved so far?

FSV facilitated a pilot of the identification module to obtain user feedback, and the training package for identification practitioners is near completion.

A high-level design of the intermediate and comprehensive training packages has been developed with stakeholder feedback incorporated from subject matter experts and government.

A final review of the high-level designs will take place in December and then work commenced on module development.

What is happening now?

The Request for Tender (RFT) to secure a training provider to deliver non-accredited AUFV training is ongoing. It is intended to finalise this procurement end-November / early December 2022.

What is planned next?

The intermediate and comprehensive modules will be developed and provided to departments and subject matter experts for feedback in early 2023. Pilot sessions for both modules will be scheduled in 2023.

Once the training provider is secured to deliver AUFV training, project planning is set to commence in December 2022.