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Family violence resources to support healthcare workers

In November 2022, the Department of Health released resources to support healthcare workers impacted by family violence. The resources let healthcare staff know their service cares and can help them find the right support, with options including family violence leave, flexible working, and safety adjustments. The resources include:

  • Guidance for health service people managers on how to respond if a staff member discloses that they are experiencing family violence.
  • Guidance for organisations on developing policy to support staff impacted by family violence.
  • A quick reference lanyard card for healthcare workers, with key information on support services and how to respond to a family violence disclosure from a staff member.
  • Print and digital posters that can be displayed in the workplace so staff know where they can get support.

The resources are available at:

Note: these resources are not intended for health services already using the Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence initiative and its Family Violence Workplace Support Program.