MARAM online practice guides

Find the latest news and information about the development of the MARAM online practice guides for Quarter 2 2022-23.

What are the MARAM online practice guides?

The MARAM online practice guides are evidence-based practice guidance, tools and resources that outline how workers within the system can fulfill the MARAM responsibilities associated with their role. The MARAM foundational knowledge guide underpins all the MARAM responsibilities, and this is supported by 10 practice guides for victim survivor practice and 10 practice guides for working with adults using family violence (one for every MARAM responsibility).

These practice guides, tools and resources provide a consistent, best practice resource for all workers to align their current practice with. FSV received feedback from workers that, whilst the guides are invaluable and the information within them is essential, the length and limited search capabilities of the current website created barriers for busy workers being able to quickly access the information, tools and resources they need.

What has been achieved so far?

FSV recruited 8 user consultant organisations - from a variety of sectors and spanning the breadth of MARAM responsibilities - to provide practitioner feedback about ways to improve the accessibility of the information contained in the guides, to meet the needs of the sector.

Paper Giant has conducted three rounds of human-centred design sessions, focused on user experience research activities. These sessions included numerous participants recruited from the eight user consultant organisations and from other parts of the sector. Recruitment for activities exceeded expectations. These activities provided information about typical users, user journeys, key search terms and key words, ideal online practice guide content structure and needs. They also tested content structure based on development prototyping work.

What is happening now?

Paper Giant used the information gathered through the three rounds of workshops to design a prototype, guidelines for recommended final content structure, behavioural archetypes of practice guide users, style guides, a keyword library, handover plan and a final report containing all their recommendations for a dedicated online practice guide website.

What is planned next?

Paper Giant’s comprehensive final report will be used to scope and plan an approach for building a new MARAM Practice Guide website to meet the needs expressed by the sector during the consultation period.

Paper Giant are also planning to hold a sector showcase. This will allow those from the sector who participated in the consultation process to see how they shaped the recommendations in Paper Giant's final report. FSV will share details of the sector showcase once known.