Victoria Police MARAM implementation

Find the latest news and information about Victoria Police's MARAM implementation activities for Quarter 2 2022-23.

Family Violence Command has developed a program of work to improve identification of the predominant aggressor, which includes:

  • reviewing policies and practices
  • improving training and guidance for members
  • better engagement with other service delivery partners
  • exploring ways to correct misidentification of predominant aggressors when they occur in police databases.

This program of work implements aspects of the adult using violence-focused MARAM practice guides, including the accurate identification of predominant aggressor assessment tool and related guidance. This was developed in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including legal services and child protection and specialist family violence agencies.

Work has already commenced within this program of work including, establishing contact points to communicate misidentification to police within the Code of Practice for the Investigation of Family Violence and the development and implementation of a trial of key interventions to strengthen critical decision points in our family violence response.

Victoria Police are currently reviewing the trial, however our preliminary findings include the need for policy and training improvements, oversight/supervision of decision making and collaboration with other service delivery agencies. Upon completion of the review, the findings from the trial will be integrated into the broader program of work.