MARAM maturity model

Find the latest news and information about the MARAM maturity model for Quarter 2 2022-23.

What is the MARAM maturity model?

The MARAM maturity model (the Model) will be a key supporting resource of the MARAM Framework. The Model will provide a means for organisations to assess their level of progress in taking these alignment steps. It will sit alongside the MARAM Practice Guidance and Organisational Embedding Guide, which support organisations to understand what steps they should take to align with MARAM and provide guidance on risk assessment and management responsibilities.

What has been achieved so far?

Since the last update, external human-centred design consultant Paper Giant has reviewed research activities and material that was developed by FSV, based on consultations with the sector champions to date.

The 8 sector champions - Bendigo Health, Bethany Community Services, Caraniche, EACH, Early Childhood Australia, Safe Steps, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and the Youth Support and Advocacy Service – are currently engaged in numerous ways, such as interviews, questionnaires and workshops by FSV’s internal project team.

These activities are contributing to rich findings that help:

  • determine organisational profiles, preferences and needs
  • identify organisational processes when conducting an audit
  • develop and test preliminary resources to support MARAM alignment

What is happening now?

Paper Giant’s team is deep diving into the research conducted to date and has commenced planning and scheduling future activities with the Sector Champion organisations which will assist prototyping resources and developing final products.

Sector Champion organisations are finalising an internal case study workshop activity. The case study workshops discuss components of MARAM alignment and identify barriers, blockers, enablers as well as contribute to gaining actionable insights to progress MARAM alignment.

FSV’s internal project team has also commenced planning the policy component of the project and how the tools developed by Paper Giant can be piloted from mid-year.

What is planned next?

Continue progressing the policy component of the project, in alignment with the tool development.

Oversee and support Paper Giant and sector champions' work to prototype and finalise a maturity matrix and self-audit tool that are inclusive of supporting resources and how-tos which will:

  • Support organisations to progress MARAM alignment
  • Provide a consistent and standard understanding of MARAM alignment across the service system
  • Be easy and intuitive to use in order to support a strong uptake across prescribed organisations and government departments