New agreement protects Victoria’s apprentices and trainees

Victoria’s regulatory agencies and authorities responsible for reducing the risk of harm for apprentices and trainees have signed an important agreement.

Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 3:00 am

The agreement commits the agencies to work together to facilitate an effective complaints resolution process for Victorian apprentices and trainees. This multi-agency agreement will support the timely sharing of complaints information among regulators.

Wage Inspectorate Victoria co-signed the Heads of Agreement with VRQA, WorkSafe, EnergySafe, Labour Hire Authority and Victorian Building Authority. The agreement is the result of consultation with apprentices, trainees, industry, employers, and unions. They identified a need to strengthen and improve protection systems for apprentices and trainees. 

Timely sharing of information means regulatory agencies and authorities can work together to reduce the risk of harm to Victorian apprentices and trainees. It will also make it easier for Victorian apprentices and trainees to make and resolve complaints.

Heads of Agreement Streamlining the information sharing and complaints handling process for Victorian apprentices and trainees
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