Find a conservator, tradesperson or materials for war heritage

We recommend finding the right professional to restore war heritage objects, monument or buildings.

The wrong conservation methods can cause damage to Heritage objects, buildings and memorials.

You can find an appropriate person through the Conservation of Cultural Material online directory.

Small heritage objects

Conservators specialise in restoring paper, paintings, objects or textiles, and outdoor objects.

Gardens and monuments

Heritage consultants include engineers, landscape architects, historians and archaeologists. They specialise in heritage places, gardens, monuments and collections.

Find a Heritage Consultant using Heritage Victoria’s Consultants and Contractors Directory.

Restoring honour rolls

Honour rolls need to be restored by a conservator. Sign-writers aren’t trained to restore the varnish and lettering properly.

War memorials and buildings

Conservation architects conserve heritage buildings, including:

  • preparation of conservation management plans
  • diagnosis of building failure
  • specification and supervision of repair

The architect should know about historic and contemporary building techniques and materials.

Repairs to an object or building

Tradespeople can specialise in stonemasonry, carpentry and building. They should know about heritage techniques when repairing objects, places and material.

Find the right tradesperson using the Australian Conservation directory.

Use the right materials to preserve heritage

You need to use the right materials when storing or displaying heritage objects.

Archival Survival are the only Victorian manufacturer and supplier of conservation materials. Visit the Archival Survival website.

Find volunteers for heritage projects

Deakin University can help you find students volunteers looking for collection experience. To find a volunteer, email:

More information

Heritage Victoria

Architects and conservators give advice on how to care for buildings and objects. They also manage places and objects on theVictorian Heritage Register
Phone: 03 9208 3333

Local councils

Heritage advisors give advice on how to care for historic buildings and monuments.
Visit: Heritage Victoria

State Library of Victoria (SLV)

Advice about preserving books, newspapers, photographs, works on paper and documents.
03 8664 7359 (Melbourne)
1800 999 735 (outside Melbourne)

Reviewed 27 May 2019

Veterans support and commemoration

Contact the Veterans Branch

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