Tips for veterans looking for work in the Victorian public sector

If you’re a veteran looking for your next career move, consider a job in the Victorian Government. Find benefits, pay grades and tips on preparing applications.

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Transitioning to a career after service can be challenging, but we can help you match the skills and qualifications you’ve gained in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to exciting and diverse roles within the Victorian public sector.

The skills and experience you’ve gained in the ADF are highly valued by Victorian government employers.

In the Victorian public sector, you can:

  • enjoy attractive salaries, generous leave, flexible working arrangements, training and development opportunities
  • access ADF Reserve leave so you can continue your career with the ADF Reserve 
  • access a wide range of career opportunities across a number of disciplines

The Victorian public sector includes:

  • government departments
  • public health sector
  • government schools
  • TAFEs and other educational entities
  • police and emergency services
  • water and land management
  • arts, finance and transport

Find out more about the Victorian public sector on the Careers Victoria website:

Preparing a Victorian public sector job application

The Victorian public sector recruits candidates based how well your skills, knowledge and abilities match the job. Your ADF experience can help you stand out from the crowd.

When putting together your application, consider how to translate your experience in the defence force to potential Victorian public sector employers. For example, your rank and role within the ADF may not be understood by new employers. 

Find professional help to update your CV and translate your ADF skills or visit the Careers Victoria website for:

Other job resources:

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Reviewed 24 March 2020

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