Offsite construction

The Office of Projects Victoria's goal is for all projects to use offsite construction techniques where feasible and efficient.

Offsite construction involves combining conventional construction and manufacturing to produce partially or fully assembled buildings or assets offsite to enhance project delivery and lifecycle costs, environmental impacts and productivity.

Offsite Construction Guide

The Victorian Offsite Construction Guide provides practical instruction to government departments and agencies in how to plan, design and deliver projects using modern methods of construction.

The guide:

  • provides practical instruction to support decision making
  • assists project teams to clarify their expectations at each stage of project delivery
  • is aimed towards the Victorian Government, increasing knowledge and understanding of offsite construction methods within project teams.
Offsite Construction Guide
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Offsite Construction Guide
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Offsite Construction Evaluation Tool

The Offsite Construction Evaluation Tool is a practical tool to assist departments and agencies in evaluating their project’s suitability for offsite construction.

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