Paid, employment-based teaching degrees

Accelerate your teaching career with an employment-based teaching degree

How employment-based programs work

You could complete a postgraduate teaching degree in 18 – 24 months with support of:

  • a government-funded scholarship, and
  • paid employment in a government school while you study.

This opportunity is available through the Teach Today and Teach Tomorrow programs.

These programs offer you the chance to either:

  • study intensively for 6 - 12 months then work in classrooms as you finish your course, or
  • work in classrooms throughout your course.

Both programs offer paid employment in schools while you study.

Both programs also offer an extra $15,000 scholarship if you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

If you relocate to a regional school for either program, you may also be eligible for $2,000 to help with moving costs.

Students enrolling in Teach Today or Teach Tomorrow programs in 2024 and 2025 may also be eligible for a Victorian Government secondary teaching scholarship.

How many days you get paid for and FTE definition

Each program provider has a set number of days that you’re able to be paid to work which also includes a paid study day.

Programs vary based on the provider courses but you could be paid to work in a school for up to 4 days (0.8 FTE) per week and paid for 1 study day (0.2 FTE) each week. Speak to your provider for further details.


To be eligible for these programs, you’ll need an undergraduate degree.

Each higher education provider has their own requirements for admission, contact them directly for more information.

Selection is based on:

  • merit
  • likelihood of success, and
  • availability of places in the course.

Priority applications

Priority will be given to applicants who (subject to entry requirements):

  • live or aspire to work in outer-metropolitan, regional or rural Victoria, and
  • are able to train in priority subject areas.

Priority subject areas include:

  • science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • languages
  • specialist education, and
  • applied learning.

Teach Today programs

All Teach Today programs involve an intensive study period before paid employment begins.

The Teach Today program offers a $2,400 scholarship to support you during the initial intensive study period.

Here is a list of the currently available Teach Today programs:

Teach Tomorrow programs

The Teach Tomorrow program offers a $15,000 scholarship while you study for the first 6 - 12 months.

Here is a list of the currently available Teach Tomorrow programs:

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