Legislation, policy and best practice

Legislation and policy

Public engagement is embedded in a broad range of legislation, regulations and directives. They guide why, when and how Victorians are engaged in government projects and decisions. Legislation and policies that have informed the framework are:

Other legislation and policy were indirectly considered as part of the development of the framework. These have not been listed above.

Public engagement best practice

The Public Engagement Framework 2021-2025 provides a guide to best practices. It builds on the values and standards developed by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), and nuances this for the Victorian Government context. IAP2 is a leading organisation in public engagement practice. IAP2 has a series of tools that support the delivery of engagement, including:

Engagement practitioners must be familiar with the IAP2 values, spectrum, ethics and quality assurance standard. These tools should inform engagements with the public.