The framework includes:

  • A consistent public engagement vision for Victoria.
  • Principles and definitions for engagement.
  • A how-to guide for the design and delivery of engagement.
  • Evaluation outcomes, indicators and measures.
  • A promise to the public.

The Victorian Government commits to meaningful, principled and inclusive public engagement. Inclusive engagement supports better decisions for all parts of government.

Infrastructure, regulation, policy, services, disaster prevention and recovery, benefit from engagement. Engagement helps to build more resilient communities.

The framework provides principles, a how-to guide and measures for engagement evaluation. It aims to strengthen meaningful engagement practice in Victoria.

The public engagement vision

The public engagement vision was developed collaboratively with engagement practitioners from across the Victorian Public Sector. It was endorsed by the Victorian Secretaries’ Board in 2018. The vision provides an overarching policy frame for public engagement, including setting community and system outcomes.

The whole-of-government public engagement vision is:

Working together to make better decisions and improve the lives of Victorians.

A collaborative approach

Engagement specialists from across the Victorian Government collaborated to develop the framework. They considered existing and emerging practice, new research, ideas, policies and barriers. They also ran a public engagement to test a draft framework with the Victorian community. This framework reflects the collective knowledge of the community and engagement specialists. It applies to the whole of Victorian Government.