Our commitment

Our promise to the public

By implementing the framework, we commit to ensuring that people:

  • are supported with the knowledge and time to provide informed contributions to the engagement
  • are provided with timely reporting on the engagement process and outcomes
  • can see that their contributions to the engagement are listened to, put to use and treated with respect
  • understand how decisions have been reached
  • have a clear understanding of the purpose of public engagement; this includes how public participation will influence decision-making
  • can choose from a range of engagement activities that are safe, accessible and inclusive.

How does good engagement benefit the public?

Public engagement benefits people by providing opportunities to exercise their right to take part in decision making. These decisions support our systems, policies, services, infrastructure and legislation. They ultimately affect our lives.

Engagement is a process to build knowledge, share feedback and ideas, discuss priorities and/or identify solutions. It also provides opportunities to hear other people’s views and learn from their experiences. Good public engagement leads to stronger communities by involving people in creating better outcomes for everyone.

How does good engagement benefit the government?

Engagement enables government to make decisions that take into consideration the rights, needs, preferences and values of the public. It enhances the process of sustainable decision making by drawing on the public’s knowledge and experience.

Public engagement can help identify issues early, so they can be addressed. Additionally, engagement can help the public to understand the decision-making process. Good engagement leads to increased public confidence and trust in government.

Next Steps

There are several actions that will support implementation in 2022. This is to ensure we can deliver on the commitments of the framework.

  1. Building awareness of the Public Engagement Framework 2021-2025 across the Victorian Public Sector.
  2. Programs and systems required to support implementation will continue to be improved.
  3. Implementing a reporting process to establish a baseline and measure progress over time.