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Working together with mainstream services

We've delivered resources to support the NDIS and mainstream services to work together.

We've delivered 4 projects that support the NDIS and mainstream services to work together.

Resources for child and family services

We're supporting the child and family services (CFS) workforce assist children and parents with disability access the supports they need.

Our support package includes:

  • a learning and development program, including eLearning modules, factsheets, webinars and workshops
  • a practice guide for practitioners to support vulnerable clients with NDIS access and participation
  • an NDIS good practice guide to support NDIS planners, coordinators and providers to work with CFS workforces

Access the NDIS resources for the child and family system workforceExternal Link .

Resources for health services

In partnership with the Summer Foundation, we’ve developed NDIS Readiness – A Toolkit for Hospitals. This toolkit supports health and NDIS staff to:

  • collaborate across health and NDIS systems
  • assist people with disabilities and complex needs throughout their hospital stay

Access the hospitals toolkitExternal Link and the following resources:

  • NDIS and Health: Working together - a guide to assist health and NDIS staff to work with people with disabilities
  • Getting the Language Right - a guide to writing effective documentation for the NDIS
  • Getting Ready for NDIS Planning - a toolkit for people with disability who have complex health and disability support needs

Resources for clinical mental health services

We’ve developed training and resources to assist clinical mental health services to work with the NDIS.

This project provides information and tools to these services via:

  • NDIS eLearning modules and training materials to support clinical mental health services
  • Ways of Working with the NDIS: A practice resource for clinical mental health services
  • an implementation guide to assist organisations to update their workplace policies and practices for the NDIS
  • tip sheets, tools and advice to assist clinicians to support current and future NDIS participants

You'll need to create a free user account toaccess the clinical mental health training and resourcesExternal Link .

Resources for justice services

We’ve developed different models for justice services for young people, offenders and prisoners with disability, including those who would be receiving services and supports from the NDIS.

Justice agencies involved in the criminal justice system, including police and courts, have helped us to identify needs and service gaps, and guide the development of service provision models once the NDIS is fully implemented.

The project has delivered:

  • a better understanding of how the disability system and the criminal justice system are working together to respond to people with disability who are involved in or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system during transition to the NDIS
  • a range of costed service provision models for disability service provision for young people, offenders and prisoners with disability, including those in community and custodial settings
  • a cost-benefit analysis of justice plan options to support offenders with disability on community orders

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by the Department of Justice and Regulation to undertake the NDIS Justice Readiness Project. This work was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. The NDIS Justice Readiness Project Final Report was completed in November 2017.

Additional resources

In addition to the above resources we have also created the following factsheets to support health professionals working in mainstream services.

General practice

This document provides information for General Practice to support NDIS access.

Mental health clinicians

This document provides information on the role of general practice, psychologists and psychiatrists in private practice in supporting NDIS access for people with psychiatric disability.

Practice guidelines

Practice guidelines for Mainstream services interacting with the NDIS can also be found on the Department of Health and Human Services websiteExternal Link .

Reviewed 06 July 2020

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