Top 20 occupations

Occupations in demand 2023 to 2026

The top 20 occupations in demand (based on the number of new workers expected) is diverse.

Ageing and disability carers, general clerks, and registered nurses are expected to account for the highest number of new workers expected over the next three years (Figure 2.4). This corresponds with the strong growth expected across the industries that need these occupations such as health care and social assistance, and that these occupations are currently the second to fourth largest occupations. Nine out of the 20 occupations in demand will require higher-order skills.

Some of these top 20 occupations in demand will be spread across multiple industries, such as software and application programmers, sales assistants (general), truck drivers, and storepersons.

As stated in the 2022 State of the Victorian Labour Market report, some occupations are critical for the functioning of some industries and regions but require small numbers of workers. Examples are saw technicians, metal casters, specialist engineers, software architects and harbour pilots. These critical occupations can affect the viability of some industries and jobs in local communities that rely on them.

Figure 2.4: Top 20 occupations in demand, new workers expected in Victoria (2023 to 2026)

OccupationNumber of new workers expected
Ageing and disability carers17,600
General clerks13,700
Registered nurses10,200
Sales assistants (general)7,000
Software and applications programmers6,400
University lecturers and tutors5,700
Primary school teachers5,300
Management and organisation analysts5,000
Secondary school teachers4,900
Human resource managers4,600
Delivery drivers4,500
Commercial cleaners4,400
Nursing support and personal care workers4,200
Advertising, public relations and sales managers4,000
Truck drivers3,700

Source: Victorian Skills Authority