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Data Item Reference Guide

Lists each data item in the framework and which section it can be found in.

The table below lists each data item in the framework and the section it can be found in.

Section Data item
General data items Names
General data items Age and date of birth
General data items Date variables
General data items Geographic variables (including person address and organisation address)
General data items Unique identifiers
General data items Data linkage
Family violence data items Types of family violence
Family violence data items Relationship between parties
Family violence data items Role of party
LGBTI communities Gender identity
LGBTI communities Sex
LGBTI communities Sexual orientation
LGBTI communities Intersex
People with disabilities Standardised disability flag
People with disabilities Abridged disability set (difficulty experienced, assistance needs)
People with disabilities Disability group
People with disabilities Reasonable adjustments
CALD communities Country of birth
CALD communities Cultural background and ethnicity
CALD communities Main language spoken at home
CALD communities Interpreter required
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Standard Indigenous Question