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What I want for my future is

‘A place where young people are able to fulfil their passions and dreams while contributing to social good.’
– Survey respondent, 22–25 years old

‘Even at my age I’m worrying–maybe a little too much–on my future. What my career will be and who I will know. I want my future to be something I’ll enjoy and be happy with.’
– Survey respondent, 12–15 years old

‘My education is the pathway to my future.’
– Survey respondent, 16–18 years old

‘Climate change is really important because if we don’t fix it then the Earth will become uninhabitable.’
– Survey respondent, 12–15 years old

'My end goal in life is to find a job that makes me happy.’
– Survey respondent, 16–18 years old

‘Where every citizen can have their voices heard. Where everyone feels safe. Where the government listens to its people and is more representative of our diverse population.’
– Refugee and migrant youth forum participant

‘[I want Victoria to be] a place where you don’t need to come out–just automatically accepted and validated. We don’t need to hide our love. We can be entirely open and unashamed.’
– LGBTIQ+ youth forum participant