A message from the Victorian Government’s flagship youth advisory body – Victorian Youth Congress

The past years have been some of the toughest in living memory. Young people have been one of the demographics hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. With changes to schools, increased social isolation, damage to our collective mental health and massive effects to employment, it has never been more important that young people’s voices are heard.

This strategy is important even without the effects of COVID-19. A mental health crisis, lack of access to services and a massive housing shortage are only a few issues that affect young people.

We have all heard the struggles that young people face, but who is asking young people about solutions?

That is what this strategy is about. This is our strategy.

Our promise, Your future is putting young people first, and it is the first strategy that can genuinely say it was designed and developed in partnership with young people.

Young people are seldom involved in decision making, and this needs to change. Young people cannot continue to have decisions made for us. That changes with this strategy. The Victorian Government has given young people the green light to speak their truths and to tell government what we really think and feel about our lives as young people in Victoria. More importantly, we have the opportunity to tell our stories and shape the future we see for Victoria.

This strategy has the potential to make long-lasting and systemic change. Through the strategy’s vision, outcomes framework and guide for future efforts, this strategy will genuinely change the futures of young people in our state.

This strategy has listened to and learnt from young people right across Victoria. It is written with every Victorian young person in mind.
To every young person reading this, we hope we have made you proud.

The Victorian Youth Congress