2019 Employer Satisfaction Survey

Improving outcomes for Victorian employers of apprentices and trainees.

Previous survey results

2019 Employer Satisfaction Survey highlights

The Employer Satisfaction Survey invites Victorian employers of apprentices and trainees across all regions and industries to share their views of the training provided by specific registered training organisations (RTOs).

The survey asks employers about their satisfaction with training delivery and RTO communication, and whether training improved the skills of their apprentices and trainees.

The survey results are used to improve the quality of vocational education and training (VET) in Victoria and to help Victorian employers have the right people with the right skills.

In 2019, the survey invited over 30,000 Victorian employers to participate and achieved a strong response rate of 30.1%.

How employers viewed the training experience of their apprentices and trainees in 2019 is summarised below.

Employer satisfaction with training

  • 79%were satisfied with their RTO's training
  • 74%would recommend their RTO

Employers of apprentices

  • 77%were satisfied with their RTO's training
  • 73%would recommend their RTO

Employers of trainees

  • 83%were satisfied with their RTO's training
  • 78%would recommend their RTO

Employer level of satisfaction with skills improvement

  • 80%Technical or job specific skills
  • 78%Confidence and initiative
  • 77%Teamwork
  • 75%Problem solving

Employer satisfaction with teaching quality

  • 81%said RTO staff were knowledgeable and experienced
  • 76%said training reflected up-to-date practice in the industry or sector

Employer satisfaction with training delivery

  • 77%were satisfied with the standard of assessment
  • 79%were satisfied with the training provider's flexibility