Judging process

To determine the finalists and winners, all nominations will be evaluated and judged as follows.

Eligibility evaluation

Nominations are evaluated by the Victorian Training Awards team, the Office for TAFE Coordination and Delivery and other relevant regulatory bodies. The eligibility requirements and selection criteria will be used to assess and determine whether the nomination is eligible to go through to the shortlisting stage.

Selection of finalists

Shortlisting takes approximately 2 weeks from mid May to late May 2024. Judging panels will score all nominations and determine which nominees go through to the interview stage as finalists.

Finalist interviews

Finalist interviews will take place virtually. The selection criteria will be used as the basis for questions that will be asked at interview.

Award winners determined

Once the interview process is complete, the judging panel will determine the award winner for each category. Winners will be announced at the gala event on Friday 30 August 2024 (TBC). All nominees will be notified as to the outcome of their nomination and can request feedback for a period of 15 days after the date of notification.

Panel Chair

A Panel Chair is appointed from the judging panel and is the only panel member able to provide feedback to finalists.

Judging panel

Panel members are made up of representatives from government, industry, category sponsors and previous category award winners. All panel members have relevant experience and expertise to assess each category. Panels usually consist of 4 members and attention is taken to ensure a balance of genders and backgrounds make up the panel groups.

Scoring matrix

All judges will use the scoring matrix below when scoring each selection criterion.

1. Unsatisfactory

Did not meet any of the selection criteria and lacked evidence to support nomination.

2. Satisfactory

Met some of the selection criteria and provided evidence to support nomination.

3. Good

Met most of the selection criteria and provided evidence to support nomination to a good standard.

4. Very good

Met all the selection criteria and provided evidence at a very good standard.

5. Exceeds expectations

Met all the selection criteria and went above and beyond to provide strong evidence to a very high standard.