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Building pride and resilience in Victoria's north-east

LINE Wangaratta, Al Winters, Executive Officer in community workshop setting facing camera with participants sharing art and craft table behind them.

LINE Wangaratta is a not-for-profit charity that provide the LGBTIQA+ community in Victoria’s north-east with: 

  • social inclusion programs
  • advocacy
  • community events 
  • support services.

In February 2022, LINE Wangaratta opened the Pride Hub. It is a place for the community and their allies to gather, find support and belong.

Al Winters is the executive officer of the organisation. They explain:

'LGBTIQA+ people are disproportionately affected by poor mental health, domestic violence and homelessness. Unfortunately, those statistics are worse in regional areas. People can be socially and geographically isolated.'

LINE Wangaratta is part of REJUVENATE – Australia's first dedicated accelerator and capacity building program for community-led initiatives.

The program, delivered by the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) is funded by a Bushfire Recovery Grant for Local Government Authorities and Community Service Organisations.

'We wouldn't have considered applying for bushfire recovery funding back in 2020. We wouldn't have thought that it was relevant to what we were doing', said Al.

'Now, if there is some sort of emergency, we’re in a position to go into a relief centre and provide education to volunteers so that they are safe-inclusive because we know that LGBTIQA+ people are going to be there. We are so much more confident in our ability to advocate for community in those instances.'

Learn more about LINE Wangaratta's work by watching the video below.