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Acknowledgement requirements for veterans grant recipients

How to acknowledge veteran grant program funding received from the Victorian Government.

Veterans grant recipients must acknowledge funding from the Victorian Government.

This includes inviting appropriate representatives to related events or openings and placing the Victorian Government logo on all promotional materials. These requirements are set out in the Acknowledgement and publicity guidelines.

Acknowledgement and publicity guidelines

A standard condition of Victorian Government funding for services or project activity is that recipients must agree to follow the department guidelines for acknowledging the government funding.

See the following branding guidelines for:

Capital Works and Restoring Community War Memorials and Avenues of Honour

Victoria Remembers and ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund

Visit our Brand Victoria GuidelinesExternal Link page for direction on Victorian Government logo placement and to download logo files.

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Please note: Anzac Day Proceeds Fund and Victoria Remembers grants recipients must also acknowledge funding from the Victorian Veterans Council together with the Victorian Government logo on all promotional materials, sitting side-by-side.

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Reviewed 14 July 2022

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