Schools and school boarding premises

Regulatory information and guidance to help you comply with the new Child Safe Standards.

Minimum standards

Ministerial Order 1359 provides the framework for child safety in schools and school boarding premises. It replaces Ministerial Order 870.

What do schools and school boarding premises have to do?

Schools must update their child safety strategies, policies and practices by 1 July 2022 to comply with the new Standards.

School boarding premises must also update their child safe strategies and practices. They do not need separate policy documents to the school if they ensure the school policies address the unique risks and vulnerabilities of the school boarding setting.

All references to 'schools' include school boarding premises.

If schools discover significant breaches of Ministerial Order 1359, independent schools should notify the VRQA, Catholic schools should notify the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and government schools should notify the Department of Education.

The role of governing authorities

Ministerial Order 1359 acknowledges schools have different school governance arrangements.

When considering this regulatory information and guidance:

  • Catholic schools must follow the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd's(opens in a new window) advice and ensure that policies and procedures are approved by their governing authority
  • Government schools must follow Department of Education advice on the differing responsibilities of the school council and principal
  • Independent schools must ensure their governing authority understands the obligations of Ministerial Order 1359 and approves the policies and procedures it requires.

Ready to get started?

Action lists for government and non-government schools:

Action lists specific to Catholic schools can be accessed through the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd(opens in a new window).