Organisational chart

Organisational chart for the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

As at 30 June 2019

The Secretary is Chris Eccles AO, who leads the department comprised of 5 groups and its associated entities and agencies.

Governance, Policy & Coordination

Jeremi Moule, Deputy Secretary

  • Andrew Campbell, Corporate Services, Executive Director
  • Jithma Beneragama, Digital Design & Innovation, Executive Director
  • Carolyn De Gois, WOVG Corporate Services One VPS, Special Adviser
  • Genevieve Dolan, Strategic Communication, Engagement & Protocol, Executive Director
  • Vicky Hudson, Governance, Acting Executive Director
  • Jane Gardam, Cabinet Office, Acting Executive Director
  • Sam Hannah-Rankin, Public Sector Reform, Acting Executive Director
  • Lisa Tepper, Enterprise Solutions, Executive Director

Social Policy

Kate Houghton, Deputy Secretary

  • Tim Kanoa, Aboriginal Affairs Policy, Executive Director
  • Nicola Quin, Health, Human Services, Aboriginal Affairs Policy, Executive Director
  • Elly Patira, Treaty, Executive Director
  • Ryan Batchelor, Executive Director, Justice, Family Violence
  • Penny Croser and Rebecca Jarvis, Executive Directors, Education, Mental Health Royal Commission Response

Fairer Victoria

Brigid Monagle, Deputy Secretary

  • John Batho, Multicultural Affairs & Social Cohesion, Equality, Executive Director
  • David Burns, Veterans, Office For Women & Youth, Executive Director

Economic Policy & State Productivity

Tim Ada, Deputy Secretary

  • Connie Crisafi, Economic Development & International, Acting Executive Director
  • Chris Miller, Infrastructure Planning & Major Projects, Executive Director
  • Matt Minchin, Energy Resources & Environment, Executive Director
  • Marcus Walsh, Economic Strategy, Acting Executive Director

Office of the General Counsel

Toby Hemming, General Counsel

  • Sam Gifford and Elsie Loh, Assistant General Counsel
  • Jonathan Ciullo, Policy & Strategy, Director

Industrial Relations Victoria

Matt O’Connor, Deputy Secretary

Service Systems Reform

Lill Healy, Deputy Secretary

Jobs And Skills Exchange

Elizabeth Langdon, Deputy Secretary

Administrative offices

  • Local Government Inspectorate
  • Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel
  • Office of the Governor
  • Office of the Victorian Government Architect
  • Public Record Office Victoria
  • Service Victoria

Reviewed 17 October 2019

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