Digital capability uplift

As Victoria moves towards a digital government, it's vital that we equip our people with the right skills to do their job.

Information technology is central to building a modern government and a core skill-set for government employees.

We're working with all parts of government to create an environment that will support our people to:

  • make better decisions
  • deliver better services
  • implement safer and more secure IT systems
  • create better value for Victorians

We offer a range of training for all levels across the Victorian Public Service. Our training ranges from improving awareness and compliance with Victorian Government frameworks and polices to increasing the ability to use the right information management platforms.

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Project Governance Executive Program

This 1.5-day program helps Victoria Public Service senior executives to:

  • understand their roles and responsibilities as a project sponsor or a project control board member
  • business case reviews
  • conduct or assess risks and benefits management
  • share and learn from each other’s project experience
  • improve the success rate of IT-enabled business projects across the Victorian Government

(Note that this is not a project management program.)

Guided by an expert facilitator, the program is:

  • held in a board-simulation setting
  • tailored to meet the knowledge and skill requirements of each senior executive

Its practical focus and in-depth business case scenarios also allow participants to implement their newly consolidated skills in an open, educational environment.

This program is open to all Victorian public sector senior executives, who are:

  • a senior responsible officer of an IT-enabled project or program
  • currently a member of an IT-enabled project or program governance board
  • a potential Senior Responsible Officer (i.e. have final sign-off) for an IT-enabled project or program
  • a potential member of an IT-enabled project/program governance board

Feedback on the program has been positive - over 90% of participants felt the content was pitched at an appropriate level.

If you are interested in participating or if you know any of your senior executives may benefit from it, email to find out the next session date.

Reviewed 12 November 2019

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