Technology policies and standards

Standards and guidelines to help the Victorian Government with evaluating, purchasing, implementing and managing technology.

Cloud-based IT services checklist

Checklist for evaluating, purchasing, implementing and managing cloud-based IT services.

Electronic approval standards

Departments must comply with the requirements set out in this standard when implementing an electronic approval process.

IP address management standards

Standards for the management of publicly routable IPv4 addresses in the Victorian Government (including the transition from IPv4 to IPv6). This standard will assist with proper attribution of alerts from the Commonwealth Cyber Security Operations Centre.

Managing risk from technology obsolescence

Use this guide and tools to assess an entity's technology obsolescence position and develop strategies to remediate associated risk. The guideline was developed in collaboration with the Victorian Government's Cyber Security Unit and the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency (VMIA). This technology guideline aligns with the Victorian Government's Asset Management Framework and Implementation Guide.

Reviewed 12 November 2019

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