Identity and access management policies and standards

Understand the Victorian Government identity and access management standards for internal and public facing access.

Workforce identity and access management Statement of Direction

Sets the direction for a trusted, managed, governed, integrated and compliant IdAM.

Identity and Access Management Policy

If external users of Victorian Government online services need login access, departments and agencies may use the government federated identity infrastructure.

Identity and Access Management Standards

Standards and requirements for providing public login access to Victorian Government networks and information systems.

Under the standards for the registration process and ongoing management of users, you must validate, verify and record:

  • evidence of identity (EoI)
  • evidence of relationship (EoR) where applicable
  • applicable authentication mechanisms

Workforce Current State Report (Volume 1 and 2)

Documents departmental IdAM processes and technology to:

  • provide a process and technology baseline
  • identify key focus areas for consideration by the Workforce IdAM Strategy

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Workforce IdAM Strategy

This outlines the approach, key initiatives, business processes, technology blueprints and a 3-year implementation plan for developing the WOVG IdAM ecosystem to manage workforce access to Victorian government ICT systems and resources.

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Workforce and Citizen Governance

This defines the governance structure required to deliver and sustain a shared WOVG IdAM ecosystem for workforce identities and support consumer identity management. Includes a 3-year implementation plan.

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