Data policies and standards

Standards and guidelines to help the Victorian Government when collecting, managing, using and sharing data.

Address data standards

Standards for departments to use when collecting, managing, sharing and releasing address data.

Address data guidelines

Provides high-level guidance to departments for implementing data standards.

Data exchange framework

This framework identifies the key steps and components of data exchange and the overarching governance and business rules.

Data exchange standards

Departments must exchange and share data in accordance with documented requirements.

Data exchange guideline

Guidance on understanding and implementing the Data Exchange Standards along with the supporting tools and templates.

Data exchange request evaluation checklist (optional)

Use this checklist to evaluate a received data request.

Data exchange technical specification template (optional)

Use this template to document key technical details about the data exchange from both the perspective of the data providing department and the requesting department.

Data exchange request template (optional)

Use this template when requesting data from a Victorian Government department.

Data quality standards

Departments must establish and maintain a standard of data quality for critical and shared data assets.

Data quality guidelines

Provides high-level guidance to departments relating to assessing, maintaining and improving the quality of critical and shared data assets.

Data quality management plan template

A suggested means for measuring data quality and planning for improvements.

Data quality statement template

Use this template to document the data quality of all critical and shared data assets.

Data management position paper

The government’s position and program of work to improve its data and data management practices via a common approach and direction.

Enterprise data management plan standards

Departments must develop and maintain an Enterprise Data Management Plan in accordance with the requirements set out in this standard.

Metadata implementation manual

A guide to implementing and managing AGLS metadata in Victorian Government departments and agencies.

Victorian Government Data Directory metadata standards

This document describes the metadata standard used by the government Data Directory.

Reviewed 12 November 2019

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